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Range Rover Evoque '16 TD4 180 SE Dynamic VS New Range Rover Velar

Range Rover Evoque

Range Rover Evoque '16 TD4 180 SE Dynamic VS New Range Rover Velar.

This is the interior of the evoque. This is a SE dynamic version and, as you can see, we have here the in control touch 8'' inch screen system, as standard in option, standard in higher finishes, it is available de 10. 2'' inch screen of the in control touch pro system it's recommendable, but the 8'' screen is good enough first, we are going to explain the cluster or instrument panel in your left we have the speedometer and at your right the rev counter, with the computer screen in the middle commands to operate all the options of the central screen are on the right of the steering wheel if the press the OK button.

we can see all the menus: assistant systems, vehicle info, screen settings, onboard computer to enter in the menus, we have to press the OK button again for example, here we have the emergency braking assist activated or lane keeping assist which can also active it with this button when more options are picked, they will appear in these menus then, vehicle info, where we can see the tires pressure or change the pressure units, recommended pressures the OK button to remove messages when we have the next car service or when we have to add add blue ( aqueous solution to reduce emissions) last time.

we have the alarm connected and the frame vehicle number and then we can also customize some options, like passenger airbag or safety functionslike whistling when clossing the car or closing the doors at some speed (configurable) and opening with the key fob (first driver door and then the others, or all at the same time) and then, confort settings opening/closing the windows with the key fob or adjust the automatic rain whippers or set the time of the 'follow me home' lights and the pedal shifters (available only in 'S' mode or 'D' and 'S' mode) screen settings (trip resume, digital speedometerr in mph/kph, set the temperature in C/F or change language) as you can see now, we have selected the screen with the trip resume.

we have the total/parcial distance in km, autonomy, fuel level, coolant temperature, hour, temperature and speedometer with this button we can see the trip control (economical driving counter, date, consumption average, actual consumption, speed average) to reset all of these, we press this button for 2 sec.

Range Rover Velar

Range Rover Evoque '16 TD4 180 SE Dynamic VS New Range Rover Velar.

Hi there, I'm jeremy white, product editor for WIRED and this is the new range velar. The WIRED story for me would be these headlights now this is an adaptive high beam headlight, it's LED matrix so what happens is it uses the camera just where the wing mirror is up there to monitor oncoming traffic at speed and then uses an algorithm to work out the position of the oncoming car and the position of the car itself as they're moving is amusing those calculations it takes the 32 or 34 LE ds in this matrix and turns them off individually so even at high beam the car oncoming will not be dazzled by the headlights and it only does that on the driver's side, actually.

It also has a laser array in here too and over speeds of 60 miles an hour the laser array kicks in and it does an additional high beam so you can see out in front of the car up to five hundred and fifty meters, so over half a kilometer.

It's an exceptional light array just for this particular vehicle. The door handles are to usually flush and pop out when, obviously, when the car stationary but they're electronic so to make sure that they actually work in every condition they took the velar to the arctic circle and tested in conditions of minus 40 degrees to make sure the battery could stand up to that so that those sort of cold temperatures and then also covered the car handles in four millimeters or five millimeters of ice so it could break through that ice barrier even in those conditions as well.

It's aerodynamic when they go flush in the car and also they really don't work you can still pop them open and use the key to open the door if your battery's completely flat. So it's just a couple of things that land rover have done to try and bring some innovation to the vehicle but I'm really pleased as those lights.

Installing The Uniden CB Radio (1987-2017 Wrangler YJ, TJ, JK) on 2017 Jeep Wrangler

Installing The Uniden CB Radio (1987-2017 Wrangler YJ, TJ, JK) on 2017 Jeep Wrangler
 This Uniden CB radio is for those of you that have a 1987 and up wrangler and are looking for a way to be able to communicate with other jeeps on the trail or on the road, on the cheap. Now, this radio doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles that some of the other radios on the market have, but it is going to get you communicating on the CB band without breaking the bank. As for the installation, I am going to give this a simple two out of three wrenches.

I say simple two out of three because there isn't a whole lot to it, however, there is still going to be some wiring necessary. Now, as with any CB set up, you are still going to need an antenna and of course, you're going to need the cable for the CB radio to connect everything up. However, you are going to be able to get away very inexpensively with this setup and still have some communication. Some off-road parks will require you to have a CB radio in order in order to enter the park, other times it's just a really nice feature to have when you're cruising down the trail with your buddies, being able to speak with them very openly and easily. Some parks, or any place, where you don't have good cell phone reception, so there are a lot of reasons to want a CB radio in your jeep.

However, as with any electronics, there are those premium, top of the line, with all the bells and the whistles, and then the more basic and simple systems. And this is definitely a more basic, simple system that's definitely going to save you some money over those premium systems, while still working really well to be able to get you communicating. As with any CB radio, this has 40 channels and this does have a port for an external speaker if you choose to hook one up, but it's not going to have any of those other features. It's not going to have an output for a PA, it's not going to have any dual channel monitoring it's not going to have any sort of additional weather channels on it. So again, very basic but it gets the job done. As for the installation, I am going to give this a simple two out of three wrenches.

I say simple two out of three because there isn't a whole lot to it, however, there is still going to be some wiring necessary. So if you're not comfortable with wiring, it will bump up the difficulty level. You may want to take your jeep to a shop to have this installed. If you are feeling a little bit adventurous, again, this is just a two wire hookup, so it is something you could probably figure out in your driveway. Now, the first step is mounting the radio itself and where you mount that is really up to you depending on what generation jeep you have.
Installing The Uniden CB Radio (1987-2017 Wrangler YJ, TJ, JK) on 2017 Jeep Wrangler

There are some options for a bolt-on bracket. You can always put this in your glove box or in your center console if it's not something you plan on using a lot. You will mount them onto the dash onto the side of the center console, there are some overhead consoles that you can mount these in, a lot of different options. So once you have the radio itself installed, mounted up, the next step is going to be getting power to it. Like I said, this does have a very simple positive and negative two-wire hookup. However, with a radio, you do want to make sure you're getting very clean power.

Which means if you can, you want to go directly to the battery for both your positive and your negative. That's going to eliminate as much feedback as possible if you were to hook up to another circuit that's running through additional resistors or switches or anything like that. So get good, clean power, it's going to make a difference with the clarity of your transmissions and your receiving on the radio. Then you're going to need to hook this up to your antenna.

Now, you'll have your antenna mounted wherever you choose to on the jeep. You'll run a wire from the radio to the antennae itself but, as with any CB radio, before you use this, you are going to want to tune this. There are shortwave radio tuners that you can purchase fairly inexpensively. You essentially put them in line between your antenna and your radio, do a couple of tests and dial in the length of your antenna to ensure you're going to get the best use, and the safest use, out of your radio.

This radio is only going to run you $ 50 and that is not a reflection of the quality but just of the fact that this doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles. This is going to be a very simple radio, but still very well built and definitely going to work and get you communicating. If you want one of those radios that has a lot of other features, monitoring dual channels at the same time, weather channels, PA output, we do have those radios available as well however, they are going to be more expensive.

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Test Drive The 2008 Subaru Impreza WRX STI

Hey guys, glad to see you again. I'm dave thomas, today we going to test drive my new car. It is 25 degrees out we're here at the 2008 Subaru WRX STI course. There will be an FBI with out a powerful force older turbo-charged engine this year, but not 305 horsepower up for 293.

2008 Subaru Impreza WRX STI

The torque says the same at 290 the new STI comes in only a hatchback body style. Not people complain about that one answered and of course we almost had an only people complained. There was a hatchback but that car part pert director Impreza hatchback looks apartment with an aggressive spoiler on the back.

The hatch some interesting taillights the course quite L 5's course the hatchback by now you get the utility with your performance and the rear seats fold down flat very easily that's great for any hatchback not just a high-performance Asia.

There comes a standard 18-inch wheels which are fine but it is a special on PBS editions and forces the 25 degrees in a winter frozen ice ground this summer I perform fired I so super is an entire present line and that doesn't stop at the SCI inside is very nice a great upgrade or the old one most importantly the seats are terrific their leather with Alcan par in thirds those a donor organ pars plana like suede tumors after this performance machine with completely control center.

2008 Subaru Impreza WRX STI

Differential see economic put in a manual or automatic mode an automatic mode is by the upper down whatever way you want and the computer figure that out where you live in manual mode and you could just be yourself it also comes equipped with what she will call the upside I will email one other supermodels like the Outback it does the same thing here it's just reports machine but has a sport setting a an even better sport setting and and intelligent note for fuel economy and all that manages your engines to get the most out of it.

Obviously the fast car with over 300 horsepower here sixty is a 5 secondary is also much fun little take a good look other performers we certainly join the ride not breaking your back third one negative about the FBI says probably not a bad idea to get dark unassuming college like this one and I mean if you plan to leave the stop lying a little flower the lighting for additional information on this car or any other go to cars dot com on our blog kicking tires.

Ok thank you for visiting my blog. See you again in the future post.

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TGC Leveling Kit 2017 Chevy Silverado

2017 Chevy Silverado
2017 Chevy Silverado
Today we will talk about 2017 Chevy Silverado 1500. You're going to get that brand new body style. What we're going to do with this one is TGC leveling kit so it's going to get a set of these on each side bring that whole front end up about two inches. Then we're going to stuff these 20 by 10 negative 18 fuel assaults with a 285 55, which is basically I believe a 33 11 1/2 on a 20. So that's going to be a nice tight fit should just take a little bit of trimming.

Let's go! (hip hop music) (electronic music) So like we said this was a 2017 Silverado 1500. This is an example of one that literally we went and picked it up at the lot for the guy. He just bought it, but he didn't want to drive it around stock, so he let us tear into it right away. So he hasn't even seen the truck yet and he's going to get it back custom which we're fricken pumped about. So we helped him pick out wheels and tires. What he went with is the fuel assault and we love these things.

2017 Chevy Silverado

These are the 20 by 10 negative 18. And this one is not a lip test . What I've been doing is basically like a concave test. So I go from where the cap meets up and I go to kind of like the edge of the wheel. And I would say that 10 inch one is like five inches almost six inches of concavity, where it sucked in. And it really gives it a unique look. And then, so that's the 20 by 10 negative 18 fuel assault and he went with the gloss black with the machining. And then for the tires he only wanted to do a two inch leveling kit. So we've got the two inch spacers down on the bottom giving it a two inch level. So if you look front to back, Mario I know it's on a hill, but you'll see that straight level.

Actually look at it like sideways so you can see that it's leveled out. So it's going to be tough to see on a hill but it's pretty much perfectly level now. So with that leveling kit, the tires that we went with because we knew he only wanted to do a two inch leveling with the 10 wides and he didn't want us doing a ton of modification, this is a 285 55 Toyo Open Country AT/II. So what it equates out to is about 32 and a half inches tall and then it's 11 and a half inches wide. So that's 32 and a half by 11 and a halfso it's about an inch, half inch shorter and an inch narrower than the typical 33 12 and a half.

He also wanted a nice, quiet all terrain highway tire that's going to go 70,000 miles. That's where the Toyo Open Country AT/II Extreme comes in. It's our favorite tire by far, as far as quiet more of a highway tire, not so aggressive, mud tire hybrid. And then so what we had to do is just take this mud flap off. We went in and made a little bit of room and those guys will come out here and paint this still. But they went in and made a little bit of room by just knocking this back a little bit and I think you guys saw that in the highlights reel but you'll see that he had to make some room to get that to clear.

2017 Chevy Silverado

Otherwise it had just little bit of rubbing and we didn't want him having a brand new truck that rubs so other than that, like I said, it's right off the lot. So it's got the side vents, but everything else is stock. You can see this has got that appearance package so it's got the black bow ties already and then it's painted to match everything. The grill is painted to match the shrouds on the lights.

Actually, surprised they didn't do the mirrors. It looks like they did chrome mirrors, chrome handles and then same back here is the paint to match. It's going to be stock exhaust and everything. Nothing is going to be after market there. And then he wanted the mud flaps back on there so what we were able to do is trim that mud flap and just keep it on there. And then inside, you can see that it's just a nice clean, good looking truck. Black on black leather. So that's pretty much it.

We just wanted to show you that one because it was a really clean build and it turned out really sick with those fuel assaults. Make sure you subscribe. Make sure you share. Make sure you check us out. We appreciate your support, you guys. Thank you guys !