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Range Rover Evoque '16 TD4 180 SE Dynamic VS New Range Rover Velar

Range Rover Evoque

Range Rover Evoque '16 TD4 180 SE Dynamic VS New Range Rover Velar.

This is the interior of the evoque. This is a SE dynamic version and, as you can see, we have here the in control touch 8'' inch screen system, as standard in option, standard in higher finishes, it is available de 10. 2'' inch screen of the in control touch pro system it's recommendable, but the 8'' screen is good enough first, we are going to explain the cluster or instrument panel in your left we have the speedometer and at your right the rev counter, with the computer screen in the middle commands to operate all the options of the central screen are on the right of the steering wheel if the press the OK button.

we can see all the menus: assistant systems, vehicle info, screen settings, onboard computer to enter in the menus, we have to press the OK button again for example, here we have the emergency braking assist activated or lane keeping assist which can also active it with this button when more options are picked, they will appear in these menus then, vehicle info, where we can see the tires pressure or change the pressure units, recommended pressures the OK button to remove messages when we have the next car service or when we have to add add blue ( aqueous solution to reduce emissions) last time.

we have the alarm connected and the frame vehicle number and then we can also customize some options, like passenger airbag or safety functionslike whistling when clossing the car or closing the doors at some speed (configurable) and opening with the key fob (first driver door and then the others, or all at the same time) and then, confort settings opening/closing the windows with the key fob or adjust the automatic rain whippers or set the time of the 'follow me home' lights and the pedal shifters (available only in 'S' mode or 'D' and 'S' mode) screen settings (trip resume, digital speedometerr in mph/kph, set the temperature in C/F or change language) as you can see now, we have selected the screen with the trip resume.

we have the total/parcial distance in km, autonomy, fuel level, coolant temperature, hour, temperature and speedometer with this button we can see the trip control (economical driving counter, date, consumption average, actual consumption, speed average) to reset all of these, we press this button for 2 sec.

Range Rover Velar

Range Rover Evoque '16 TD4 180 SE Dynamic VS New Range Rover Velar.

Hi there, I'm jeremy white, product editor for WIRED and this is the new range velar. The WIRED story for me would be these headlights now this is an adaptive high beam headlight, it's LED matrix so what happens is it uses the camera just where the wing mirror is up there to monitor oncoming traffic at speed and then uses an algorithm to work out the position of the oncoming car and the position of the car itself as they're moving is amusing those calculations it takes the 32 or 34 LE ds in this matrix and turns them off individually so even at high beam the car oncoming will not be dazzled by the headlights and it only does that on the driver's side, actually.

It also has a laser array in here too and over speeds of 60 miles an hour the laser array kicks in and it does an additional high beam so you can see out in front of the car up to five hundred and fifty meters, so over half a kilometer.

It's an exceptional light array just for this particular vehicle. The door handles are to usually flush and pop out when, obviously, when the car stationary but they're electronic so to make sure that they actually work in every condition they took the velar to the arctic circle and tested in conditions of minus 40 degrees to make sure the battery could stand up to that so that those sort of cold temperatures and then also covered the car handles in four millimeters or five millimeters of ice so it could break through that ice barrier even in those conditions as well.

It's aerodynamic when they go flush in the car and also they really don't work you can still pop them open and use the key to open the door if your battery's completely flat. So it's just a couple of things that land rover have done to try and bring some innovation to the vehicle but I'm really pleased as those lights.

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