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TGC Leveling Kit 2017 Chevy Silverado

2017 Chevy Silverado
2017 Chevy Silverado
Today we will talk about 2017 Chevy Silverado 1500. You're going to get that brand new body style. What we're going to do with this one is TGC leveling kit so it's going to get a set of these on each side bring that whole front end up about two inches. Then we're going to stuff these 20 by 10 negative 18 fuel assaults with a 285 55, which is basically I believe a 33 11 1/2 on a 20. So that's going to be a nice tight fit should just take a little bit of trimming.

Let's go! (hip hop music) (electronic music) So like we said this was a 2017 Silverado 1500. This is an example of one that literally we went and picked it up at the lot for the guy. He just bought it, but he didn't want to drive it around stock, so he let us tear into it right away. So he hasn't even seen the truck yet and he's going to get it back custom which we're fricken pumped about. So we helped him pick out wheels and tires. What he went with is the fuel assault and we love these things.

2017 Chevy Silverado

These are the 20 by 10 negative 18. And this one is not a lip test . What I've been doing is basically like a concave test. So I go from where the cap meets up and I go to kind of like the edge of the wheel. And I would say that 10 inch one is like five inches almost six inches of concavity, where it sucked in. And it really gives it a unique look. And then, so that's the 20 by 10 negative 18 fuel assault and he went with the gloss black with the machining. And then for the tires he only wanted to do a two inch leveling kit. So we've got the two inch spacers down on the bottom giving it a two inch level. So if you look front to back, Mario I know it's on a hill, but you'll see that straight level.

Actually look at it like sideways so you can see that it's leveled out. So it's going to be tough to see on a hill but it's pretty much perfectly level now. So with that leveling kit, the tires that we went with because we knew he only wanted to do a two inch leveling with the 10 wides and he didn't want us doing a ton of modification, this is a 285 55 Toyo Open Country AT/II. So what it equates out to is about 32 and a half inches tall and then it's 11 and a half inches wide. So that's 32 and a half by 11 and a halfso it's about an inch, half inch shorter and an inch narrower than the typical 33 12 and a half.

He also wanted a nice, quiet all terrain highway tire that's going to go 70,000 miles. That's where the Toyo Open Country AT/II Extreme comes in. It's our favorite tire by far, as far as quiet more of a highway tire, not so aggressive, mud tire hybrid. And then so what we had to do is just take this mud flap off. We went in and made a little bit of room and those guys will come out here and paint this still. But they went in and made a little bit of room by just knocking this back a little bit and I think you guys saw that in the highlights reel but you'll see that he had to make some room to get that to clear.

2017 Chevy Silverado

Otherwise it had just little bit of rubbing and we didn't want him having a brand new truck that rubs so other than that, like I said, it's right off the lot. So it's got the side vents, but everything else is stock. You can see this has got that appearance package so it's got the black bow ties already and then it's painted to match everything. The grill is painted to match the shrouds on the lights.

Actually, surprised they didn't do the mirrors. It looks like they did chrome mirrors, chrome handles and then same back here is the paint to match. It's going to be stock exhaust and everything. Nothing is going to be after market there. And then he wanted the mud flaps back on there so what we were able to do is trim that mud flap and just keep it on there. And then inside, you can see that it's just a nice clean, good looking truck. Black on black leather. So that's pretty much it.

We just wanted to show you that one because it was a really clean build and it turned out really sick with those fuel assaults. Make sure you subscribe. Make sure you share. Make sure you check us out. We appreciate your support, you guys. Thank you guys !

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